by Giuliano Rodrigues

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He lived in Porto Alegre eight years, then went to São Paulo, where he remained four years in the big city. After that, moved to the wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro. Giuliano began his contact with music in 2005. Started from the beginning a slow beat.Always been a lover of Deep House. He used psy synths and bass grooves. Joined on Beatport in 2010. And since then, he managed to create his own label, which today has more than 300 songs. Flowing Movement Music. "I always make videos. Crazy videos! For deep artists, like: Klartraum, Nadja Lind, Helmut Ebritsch, Michael Otten, Luc Angehehm, Weisses Licht, Kick Bong, Swordxl, Terje Saether". I’m working on my label Flowing Movement Music. I’m also working on future releases. I make covers, organize the music, do the mastering, delivery to the distributor, organize my soundcloud. I like to travel. Listen music in anywhere. I like lounge songs, Buddha Bar, Hotel Emiliano, Buddha Lounge, Cafe Del Mar, Bjork, Emilie Simon, Portishead, Dido, Lana Del Rey, i love brazilian food and japanese food ;)"

27 "We are happy to welcome a new talent from Brazil on Lucidflow: Guliano Rodrigues presenting his debut EP 'Same Effect'". (LUCIDFLOW)

26 “Giuliano Rodrigues comes from an area which few have explored not being adequately equipped to stand the tremendous pressures of electronica and techno. Drawing a signature line between these two worlds, his sound has the mysticism of an alien planet combined with an earthly experience. Desenvolvimento is the three track EP to take you on an unknown journey into his musical perceptions, guaranteeing a unique set of tracks to drop down unexpectedly. Enjoy and support another quality Crossworld Records release!” (CROSSWORLD RECORDS)

25 “Giuliano Rodrigues present Acid Birds EP on Fish Rec. Contains four special original tracks, these songs were arranged with the fresh and typical sound of this brazilian music producer. We are sure that you can appreciate this release. Enjoy.” (FISH REC)

24 “Imagine the wave that a drop of water can form. Now feel all these waves in a song. This is Giuliano Rodrigues.” (BEAT CONTROL RECORDS)

23 "As our DJ friends knows Tech You Very Much! releases not only massive tech- house tracks, but also groovy & soulful deep house tracks. Here we come with the next Deep House Trends Vol. 3! Selected by A.C.K. for the Deep house lovers. Incl. Tracks & Remixes from Angel Stoxx, Dave Spritz, Max Underson, Martin Eyerer, Marc Poppcke, Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross, Dave Qri, Luciano Esse, GIULIANO RODRIGUES, Mend, Italobros, Roby Star, Menny Fasano & Carlo Cavalli, Meloune, Einsauszwei, Sasch BBC & Caspar, Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone, Voltereto, Albert Alonso & Dani Morera Ahoren, Load Bug, Fatt Bass, Vysotskiy, Peter Vila, Wilmer Martin, Alexander Fog, Heim & Jones, Billy Shane, Costa Martinez, Spieldose, Rob Care, Marcus Knight , Six Inch Voodoo, Oliver A, Mjutah, Ricky Fobis & Milton, Marka T, Frankie Deep and more.. Doesn't matter if you like groovy or soulful deep house or lounge, here is the masterpiece for you! Stay Tuned!" (TECH YOU VERY MUCH)

22 "Now Giuliano Rodrigues brings a deep which favors minimal. With a unique style, he makes you travel in a world of slow BPM". (BEAT CONTROL RECORDS)

21 "Giuliano Rodrigues brings a deep different. An atmosphere that flows into your ears. Leave this selection mesmerize your day". (BEAT CONTROL RECORDS)

20 "Another great EP from Giuliano Rodrigues. He delivers his unique style into four stunning deep minimal tracks. Available now exclusive on Beatport". (PICCHE RECORDS)

19 "Three words defines this compilation of Giuliano Rodrigues. " Intelligent, wonderful and deep." (MINIMALTRAP)

18 "Giuliano Rodrigues famous and talented producer from Brasil, brings an EP artistic, inspiring and very danceable. Let the elements minimalistic running through your veins. Check this release. Our music is the key of your escape!" (LIFE SENTENCE REC)

17 "Beatmechanic debut on our label with this great release...Our great partner, friend and producer Giuliano Rodrigues made a big remix of the track title of this EP. Check out". (MINIMALTRAP)

16 "Klangselektor 5.0 is following the concept of presenting innovative minimal techno sounds. The tracklisting includes famous producers & artists like Gui Boratto, Frank Martiniq, Phonique, Ruede Hagelstein, Ziggy Kinder, Giuliano Rodrigues..." (MOMENTUM LEAGUE)

15 "This compilation brings another fantastic atmosphere created by this renowned producer. With your clear and clean timbres,puts Giuliano Rodrigues in a level of the main producers of electronic music". (BEAT CONTROL RECORDS)

14 "This time let yourself feel deep sounds. Far and dancing. Feel new spaces. Giuliano Rodrigues brings four track's for your moments of reflection". (MINIMALTRAP)

13 "Poker track EP for our new entry Giuliano Rodrigues, brazilian producer of great talent that stands out for its sound minimal underground. Pure minimal for your dj sets". (FISH REC)

12 "Giuliano Rodrigues presents this compilation,the various ways that electronic music can go always with the unmistakable quality of this great dj and producer. Enjoy..." (BEAT CONTROL RECORDS)

11 "Great dj and producer of electronic music in Brazil". (BEAT CONTROL RECORDS)

10 "Giuliano Rodrigues is back with fresh sounds. Great new release here on Bedroomrecords09. Minimalistic music with elegant beats, just for you here on Bedroomrecords09!" (BEDROOMRECORDS09)

09 "Giuliano Rodrigues is back here on Bedroomrecords09 with "Believe In You" . This album includes 12 tracks. A great adventure of sounds and fealings, just for you here on Bedroomrecords09". (BEDROOMRECORDS09)

08 "With his previous 3 releases on the label Gargan Records, Giuliano Rodrigues made impressive attention.His fourth release is an extraordinary piece of music, so much to say in advance. Framed by deep sonic textures, Giuliano takes the listener on a fascinating journey. The soundscapes are paired with long, meditative rhythms trigger and create a special fascination.Conclusion: fine deep house, that releases a lot of emotions". (GARGAN RECORDS)

07 "The Brazilian Giuliano Rodrigues looks back on a discography, which is rich in moments of brilliance. Also the new album is a cornucopia of musical ideas. During the play time of 32 minutes you can not hear any sagging. Always it stays exciting. 06 “Inside Of Your Hand” is an album that embraced you from the first until the last minute". (GARGAN RECORDS)

06 "The air must be good and inspiring in Rio de Janeiro. Otherwise it can not be explained, that lately Giuliano Rodrigues is throwing musical candy all over the place. The second release of Giuliano Rodrigues at Gargan-Records is a very sensitive and individual journey through the worlds of house and techno. He simply has the sense for the beauty of electronic music. Respect …" (GARGAN RECORDS)

05 "Giuliano Rodrigues, also known by the Mixotic-Mix 225, has decided to publish the "Medusa EP" as a free netaudio release. The work is now available on the netlabel "GARGANRECORDS". This EP convince with rousing progressive tech-house. Around a rhythmic center, the four tracks developing complex acoustic arrangements. With each short break it is added a new sound element, without affecting the listening experience. The productions use the wide space to open up and come fully into play. Very well thought out and functional music." (GARGAN RECORDS)

04 "Giuliano Rodrigues from Rio de Janeiro produced a fresh live set for Mixotic. Progressive tech-house and deep-trance sounds make you dance during the last days of this year". (MIXOTIC)

03 "Giuliano Rodrigues serves decent beats for the third time on Mixotic. His Brazilian house sounds from Rio de Janeiro make you dance and lead you into deep spheres". (MIXOTIC)

02 "The Brazilian artist Giuliano Rodrigues brings progressive sounds from the sunny beach to your home. All tracks are produced by himself and unreleased yet". (MIXOTIC)

01 "This is a driving electro set, played by the Brazilian DJ and producer Giuliano Rodrigues. All tracks are self produced and not published on a label yet". (MIXOTIC)


released 02 August 2012

Special Thanks: Another Chance Records, Fish Rec, Groove Connoisseurs Records, Bedroomrecords09, Beat Control Records, Doppelgaenger, Momentum League, Gentlemens Groove Records, Picche Records, BR Selections, Benny Production, Minimaltrap, Catharsis, Life Sentence Rec, Scrambled Recordings, Achterdeck, Aenaria Music, Berlin Aufnahmen, Budenzauber, Fruit Records, Gastspiel Records, LW Recordings, Mehr Geld Muzik, Midi Mood Records, Picche Records Ltd, Tech You very Musch!, Weltrienelli Supa Sound, Audio Lotion Recordings, Complex Textures, Crossworld Records, Daviddance, Diagonal, Guajira Recordings, Hutman Records, Klartext Record, Lucidflow, MDS Digital, Raumzeit Records, Restore Music, Shaker Sounds.

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